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Don 3 script leaked online

24, Aug 2014 By pops

In what would be called as the greatest heist in the history of Indian cinema, the script of Shahrukh Khan ‘s upcoming film “Don 3” has been leaked online by now famous hacker group called “Movie suckers”.


The script was stolen from producer & director Farhan Khan ‘s Intex aqua I7

which he had kept out for drying after a swimming session. This is to note that such an incident happened to Veteran Hollywood Actor ” Sylvester Stallone” whose latest upcoming movie was leaked and uploaded to the internet nearly one month prior to its theatrical release. Resulting in huge losses to Stallone & company. However Stallone is planning to overcome those losses by participating in a WWE match next year At WWE’s annual wrestlemania event.

Talks are to release the event live to movie theaters in the markets where the movie business declined because of film piracy.

Returning back to Srk and his film script, the film goes as :-

***Hmm ha ha I’m the king of the world***

After conquering Asia & Europe Don heads to America ( As Africa was hit by ebola he didn’t went there ). Australia wasn’t accepting Indians (Communal violence) & Antarctica seemed more like Switzerland where SRK spend most of his movie life, Don travels the whole USA vertically & diagonally & researches on the American-Mexican tension.

Travels to Wilhemina, Georgia, only to find that Mamma Jenny ‘s son Funny haired joel has grown into a drug boss. Befriends funny hair joel and offers him to be his partner in drug business.

Enters Vegas & gets into an extensive war with the gang bosses. In one hour conquers the American Mafia, becomes the king of the world( its a 2:30 hr movie) .

The movie is the third & the last part of the franchise ( as told by Farhan Akhtar). Its about the peak of Don and ultimately his downfall (After conquering the earth, Don has no plan to conquer Asgard)

One day while watching live CCTV footage of his various criminal businesses he finds the damsel in distress. He finds Simran, his teenage love in trouble.

Another 30 minutes takes us back in flashback when Don was a good hearted man and Simran his girlfriend. He travels to India to marry her. Simran ‘s father Baldev, the most fearsome Indian Don of the 90s firstly hesitates then accepts to marry his daughter to Don (our don was called Raj at that time).

While Raj & simran move away from the pind ( village) in a train,Baldev ‘s goons follow them only to throw Raj out of the train and take Simran away. The platform scene was just a foul plot of Baldev to win the villagers support.

Devastated Don stays back in India and starts working with underworld. As raj has done an MBA in human resources, he gets to be a big gangster and  eventually a Don. He’s now in love with guns and his only desire is to conquer the world.

Flash back ends and Don is in love again, romances with Simran for the next 30 minutes and sings songs ( One song by Pitbull feat Yo Yo Honey Singh, another by Shakira feat Rabbi Shergil) .

A police officer is called by the FBI to chase Don & destroy his empire. He seems almost invincible. The FBI firstly wanted to assign this task to mercenary ( Barney Ross) and his team but they demand millions of dollars. FBI isn’t able to pay the amount because of low fund.

Barney Ross asks the FBI to assign his Indian counter part Bajirao singham. Don is attacked several times by Bajirao but he’s kinda lucky, Don escapes every time. Don plans to kill Bajirao. He asks Simran to lure Bajirao and makes a fullproof plan to kill him.

The day to execute the plan. Everything seems going with the plan but at the time Don tries to shoot Bajirao, Simran shoots Don.

Don asks with his trembling lips “why did you do this hmmm? ” Bajirao answers “kyonki woh meri bivi kajol hai, teri simran nahi.

Simran tells Don, after Bajirao saved her from her cruel father she married him and changed her name to Kajol. Simran tells Don if he wasn’t a terrorist she would divorce Bajirao and marry him. Don says, ” My name is Khan & Im not a terrorist.”

Don is heart broken. He dies of a cardiac arrest. The movie ends with a song “ Dulhani dard de gai” penned by javed akhtar.

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