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Dogs in Mumbai shun footpath out of fear after Bollywood singer's tweet

11, May 2015 By pradeepsarkkar

According to a shocking but true revelation, dogs across Mumbai are reportedly staying away from footpaths. Footpaths across Mumbai’s streets wore a deserted look from past 2-3 days with not a single canine to be seen.

Street Dog
A worried dog hiding at a secluded place

According to famous veterinarian and animal activist Dr. Amey Kutrya, these incidents have been happening ever since  a Bollywood singer recently tweeted “Kutta road pe soyega kutte ki maut marega“.

This tweet has induced a certain fear psychosis among most street dogs and that is exactly the reason they are avoiding footpaths altogether. In fact many of them have already started rushing to neighbouring cities and towns like Pune and Nashik where they feel, they will be much safer.

“I remember the last time such a thing happened was in the 1970’s & 8o’s when a Bollywood superstar had openly announced Kutte kaminey mai tera khoon pee jaunga” said Dr. Amey Kutrya.

“There was a strong sense of insecurity prevailing among most dogs living in Mumbai resulting in a mass exodus in the 1970s and 8os,” added Dr.Kutrya.

Meanwhile the home minister has announced that the situation is very much under control. “Nobody will be allowed to take law in their own hands,” he was reported quoted saying on television.