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Doga is happening to be a love story: Anurag Kashyap

02, Jul 2014 By ajeeb

Bahut hui War, abki baar bas pyar hi pyar
Bahut hui War, abki baar bas pyar hi pyar

Anurag Kashyaps’ dream of joining the 100 crore club is finally getting fueled up, as of now he slightly unveiled the plot of his first Indian superhero movie based upon the comic character Doga.

Surprisingly Kashyap has only borrowed the name and the physical appearances of the character but the categorization of the story is of a typical 100 crore club. The movie is going to be an impeccable love story. Instead of Suraj, Doga s’ real name is going to be Raj who in real life is a heavy drinker, a masochist and a potential lover.

“One day while moving around Maratha Mandir I saw DDLJ that is still playing there from the day of its first release, First I was amazed then I got a realization of what a true film and a filmmaker is, GOD if I have realized this years ago my Paanch would have been released (though it is there on torrent).I have got to improve my MISS directing skills and I would surely go for it. I was misled by people like Nawaz who can really act just because they have got a proper training to do so. Reel actors are those who can only make love in front of the camera. I will be changing my whole crew and will be adding Beautiful faces. Sorry Indians for putting movies like Paanch , Black Friday in front of you, ” said Kashyap with wet eyes and a glass half-filled of Rum.

Sources have confirmed about Kashyap s’ strange eagerness towards romantic movies, as he was caught downloading top 50 best Bollywood romantic movies.

“Music in the movie is definitely not going to be from Piyush Mishra, because he not a 100 crore club composer. He composes his own music and these days to attract audience, prior publicity regarding some plagiarism is necessary. No matter how many music schools people will open, plagiarizing music is our right. People can also expect a Semi-Strip Item number in the movie,” Told Kashyap with a diplomatic smile.

Certain spying agencies have confirmed about an email that Kashyap has personally written to the presumed singer of his movie regarding not raping his girlfriend after being over romantic.