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Doctor advises a person suffering from depression to avoid watching Chennai Express

05, Aug 2013 By Gaurav Mittal

In a peculiar case of its kind, too much of onscreen presence of Shahrukh Khan has caused Amit – a Delhi resident -fall sick. His doctor has advised him to avoid television for next one week and not to watch Shahrukh’s upcoming flick Chennai Express.

Dr. Sharma, a renowned psychiatrist who is treating Amit told Faking news, “Such cases are very rare but do happen when you continuously watches the same person on screen. Last time when Ra.One was released, I treated few patients who had similar symptoms. The person starts feeling irritated and bored watching the same person again and again on screen. The boredom takes you in a state of depression and the person becomes ill-tempered.”

Chennai Express
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Amit’s wife, a huge Sharukh Khan fan, is quite concerned. She said, “Last Saturday Sony TV was showing back to back movies of Sharukh Khan and I was watching them since morning. Suddenly, Amit started making strange noises and then he started crying before becoming completely dumb. He was into a complete hysterical state. I got scared and took him to doctor who told me he is into depression”

Amit’s wife is shocked, “I cannot believe it. I love my husband. I love Sharukh Khan. I will make sure that I don’t watch TV when my husband is at home for next 1 week as by then Chennai Express would have released. Also, doctor has advised him to not to watch Chennai Express. So I won’t force him to go with me. Instead I am planning to go with my friends.”

Amit told us, “I enjoy watching TV and usually fall asleep watching TV. Since last few weeks no matter what channel I switched to, I would find Sharukh Khan there trying to promote Chennai Express. There are advertisements of brands which Sharukh endorses whose frequency have suddenly increased. Even on social media he has become active again. I was finding him all around and I really got sick of it”

Dr. Sharma is expecting few more patients similar to Amit in coming week as the time for Chennai Express release comes closer.

It seems the desperation to get a movie hit is creating depression.