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Disturbed with peace in India, JP Dutta to make movie on Israel-Gaza war

22, Sep 2014 By rocky

Mumbai. Disappointed with peaceful situations in India for a long time, legendary war movie maker JP Dutta has decided to make movie on Israel-Gaza conflict.

JP Dutta

For almost 15 years India has continuously evaded herself from the war like situations and JP Dutta has no other option left than to look at some other war affected countries and to keep the war cinema alive.

Here are some excerpts of conversation of enlightening exclusive interview of stoned JP with our reporter Rocket Singh:

Rocket: How did you come up with idea of making movie on Israel-Gaza conflict ?

Frustrated JP Dutta: No war since 1999 in India, even people in India don’t feel patriotic anymore and huge support for other countries on social media during war just confirms this fact. And Indian defence forces only doing relief works that cannot be made into movie.

Rocket:But how will the war between two foreign regions instigate patriotism?

JP: Well, actors will be Indians!

Rocket (thinking) : WTF?

Rocket: You can wait for sometime since China is already aggressive on the borders.

JP: We just can’t make movie based on aggression.

Rocket: What role will Sunny Deol play in your upcoming movie?

JP: Manmohan Singh, he won’t be seen or heard anywhere in entire movie.

Rocket: What would be the name of movie?

JP:  Surang (tunnel)  because Gaza doesn’t believe in border.