Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Disclaimer during sex scenes!!!

20, Sep 2012 By Sujit Pallithara

Now not only will every film have disclaimers regarding cigarette smoking but will also have disclaimers regarding wearing condoms during sex scene in the movie.

All films that have sex scenes will have a disclaimer regarding wearing condoms with a voice over from the characters involved in the scene. In addition just like cigarette smoking disclaimers even during sex scenes static disclaimers will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

A source from CBFC told Faking news “the board is going to be extremely strict regarding the rule and actions will be taken if any movie ignores it. Every character involved in the sex scene have to spread the message why wearing condoms is necessary through the voiceover.”

Mahesh Bhatt was extremely angry after listening to CBFCs announcement regarding the disclaimer. He said “CBFC is making directors job difficult. We make movies which are visually appealing to the audience and not educational documentaries. Today they want us to show disclaimers regarding cigarette smoking and wearing condoms, tomorrow they will ask us to show disclaimers regarding dandruff, cleaning your nails, changing your underwear etc. The viewers instead of watching the movie will be busy reading the disclaimers.”

Aamir Khan in a recent press conference said “I am a perfectionist, so if I have to give a voiceover I will practice it 20 times before giving the final shot.”

Ram Gopal Verma tweeted something weird as usual. #how can I give a disclaimer regarding wearing condoms if my actress is going to conceive after the sex scene being shown in the movie.