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Digvijay Singh claims Dirty Picture directed by UPA-2 is highest grosser and not Chennai Express

13, Aug 2013 By zhootareportor

Rubbishing claims of film experts that Chennai Express is going to be highest grosser in the history of cinema in India, Digvijya Singh has claimed that it is the UPA-2’s movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ which is running successfully over last four years that has been the highest grosser ever in the history of real cinema.

Just 2G scam which is the pre-interval part of the movie has reportedly earned 1.78 lakh crores . If earning from other sources like Coal scam and Commonwealth scam are added the total earned amount will cross 3 lakh crores. He claimed that this movie which has been noticed by all sections of the society and  is the only movie which has successfully run in spite of their being only villains acting  in the movie.

Equally important to note is that fact that movie has run despite no tunch maal acting in the movie.

It is important to note that slowing growth, rising unemployment, rampant corruption, falling infrastructure are some of the key actors in the movie. The most titillating scene in this movie is the Chir Haran of Rupee in which UPA-2 makes Indian rupee Nanga (nude) in the world economy. Finding no place to hide rupee decides to grow old and becomes senior citizen by crossing the age of 60 so that nobody attempts to make it nude anymore and stare at its youthfulness.

On being asked till when does he expect this movie to run, Diggi was quick to add that the movie will run till the time there is substantial money left anywhere which can be earned.