Monday, 19th February, 2018

Dhoom 3 priced high to pay for Uday's pension and Jai's living expenses

18, Dec 2013 By Baawra Chhora

Pappu-Feku jokes have taken a backseat as latest buzz on Twitter is Dhoom 3’s exorbitant ticket pricing of Rs 900.

All set for retirement.

While some Uday Chopra fans are selling their kidney to buy the ticket, producer Aditya Chopra believes the price is justified.

“This is Uday’s last movie as I gather from his name trending on twitter. He said he cannot work in MNREGA or eNERGA, so we had to think of pension plan for him and this is it. Half of earning will go to ‘Uday Chopra Jiwan bachao Abhiyaan (CHOJA)’, while the rest half to Jai’s living expenses, the cop the movie. He unfortunately is no more paid by the police department,” said a disappointed Aditya Chopra.

When inquired about why payment of Jai was blocked, the commissioner replied, “You call him a cop? In 9 years he had just three thieves to catch , alongside the gulchharebaaji that he did, but he could catch none. Even Rohit Sharma took lesser time to score maiden century. Now we are demoting him to post of unpaid intern. Cant let him go or all female officers will go with him, cant pay him either. So we asked Adi to pay.”

A still disappointed Uday Chopra was available for comment, “I told bhaiya ki Bikes ki jagah Nano use kar lete hai.Jo paise bachenge unse Twitter followers kharid lunga, but he said NO “