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Dhoom 3: After watching first trailer Uday Chopra going rouge, playing villain in D4

31, Oct 2013 By dhotichor

Next Breaking news after the release of first trailer of most awaited film of decades(and also for hobbits), Uday Chopra has decided to go rouge after not finding any dialogue in the trailer. He was furious and complaining after spending crores of his Dad’s money at least some words of him saying ‘Dilbara Dilbara’ must be added.We hacked his cell phone, thanks to technology provided by Mr Aryan(of D2) , here you can find some excerpts:

Uday: Kya Mommy! Itna spent kia, ek toh dialogue dalna tha na! woh Jackie Shroff jinki Yadein bi nai yaad aati, even he got the opening dialogue!

This is enough, ‘Baba Ji ka Silencer’ to director and Mr. Perfectionist, m going rogue, I am gonna make my new team with ‘Dilbara Deol’ from D1 and gonna reveal the location of honeymoon suite of loving couple of D2(Krishh ki Aish), and here declaring that I am the new villain of this franchise playing role of ‘Silencer Thief ‘ in new installment(aur silent karo mujhe). Role played by Mr. Abhishek Bachchan will now be played by Chunky Pandey and we will finalize the actress after some intriguing session. This is my production house and I will run it in my own terms.

We all here taking this grand opus stage of faking news wishing  Uday Chopra all the best for his future endeavor!