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"Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev" to take 2000 years leap to maintain TRP

07, Nov 2013 By mat kar chamatkar yar..

Famous mythological drama-series “Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev” has been planned to for a 2000 Years leap from its current state. The said decision is taken to mitigate the diminishing TRP Ratings after replacement of Parvati-ji, said by a Life-OK official.


“People have lost interest in the series since the month of May as the erstwhile Parvati-ji, has been replace by a newer face”, says the Creative Director of the project.

Life-OK ‘s successful mythological drama Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev recorded an 8.2 Television Viewer Ratings, pushing the channel to record its highest ever GRP (Gross Rating Point) of 167. Further, the series bagged 7 Categories of 2013 Indian Telly Awards. However, the Channel is constantly loosing it’s viewership since last 6 months, soon after the change in Parvati-ji ‘s role was made.

“We took inspiration from the former K-Series broadcasts and decided to forward Mahadev 2000 years ahead from it’s current state”, say the Writers.

The serial will make a direct jump into Kaliyuga. The Set is being drastically modified and modernized to meet the change.

“Be ready to watch Shiv-ji in a completely modern Avatar, using the iPhone”, says the Director.

Also, Nandi is supposed to be replaced by an Audi -TT .

Instead of Shiv-ji, Kartikeya would be the in the pivotal role of the forwarded story. Viewers shall witness plenty of new plots, which have never been mentioned in any of Vedas / Puranas.

According to our Internal Sources, Parvati from a former K-Series daily-soap is doing Guest Appearance in the Maha Shivratri Special show to be aired on 28th February, 2014.