Friday, 20th April, 2018

Desi lingo works at dog's yelp

13, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was at about eleven thirty p.m. he entered into the lane where his home was located. His entrance made the sleeping dogs barking but soon they realised of the recognised countenance and retired. Although there was complete quietness on the whole length of the way yet there was present a good many of people at the wide lane’s other end. When the dogs commonly bark, the fear does grip the individuals. However, they remain undeterred by the barking as they know barking dogs seldom bite. In spite of this practicality, certain gentlemen stop thinking about every quick word in order to keep themselves safe and secured.

This is what happened with a polite and elegant person suddenly surrounded by the pack of the street dogs. He was as frightened as he was not mustering any courage to make them run from the spot. Pandering to the tight corner in a little silent but apparently unfortunate manner, he found himself quite helpless. Anyhow recounting the phrasal word Marta kya Nahi Karta, he started using continually daunting lingo. Despite all the refined western mannerism, he had to bring in use the indigenous sharp terms. He might have heard that the dogs understood merely native words.

In view of this particular development, that frightened gentlemen standing amidst the desi dogs continued to treat them in odd throaty grouses like Hat, Hat, and Hat and whatever words appeared suitable to get rid of them. How those street dogs could be shunned by the sophisticated expression. The cheaper turn of phrases was used in removing the wandering street dogs which used to scare the children, men and women. Those dogs remain present everywhere to bring a condition altogether too haphazard. The persons, unfortunately, coming before the barking dogs attempt to settle down by their sharp grunts.