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Dept of Justice makes job offers to Abhijeet, Farah Khan Ali impressed by their tweets supporting Bhai

07, May 2015 By droguedezigner

After the Bombay High Court convicted Salman Khan in the 2002 hit and run case, Twitter started buzzing with support for Bhai, from several Bollywood Celebs among others.

Some high ranking officials from the Department of Justice (DoJ) came across many such tweets in support of Bhai and after being overwhelmed by the logic in them, asked the Department of Justice to chart out a plan to make the most of this phenomenon by considering candidates for the vacancies in the understaffed DoJ of India.

In the events that followed, all high ranking officials from the DoJ were called in for an emergency meeting followed by an official announcement from their spokesperson Mr. D.N. Satya in a press conference.

According to this announcement, a walk in recruitment drive to fill various vacant positions in the otherwise understaffed DoJ would be conducted. As this phenomenon has brought forth many individuals, who might just fit perfectly for many roles in the DoJ, the officials are very optimistic for this drive.

Some front runners in this drive are Abhijeet Bhattacharya (Bollywood playback singer), Farah Khan Ali (Jewellery Designer) who impressed the officials (and supposedly already been made job offers) with these tweets:

Further, Mr. Satya said, “We are looking forward to a drastic change in the functioning of the system if the drive becomes a success. This would lead to a faster resolution of cases hereafter with a possibility of verdicts to most of the cases in the first hearing itself owing to the heightened sense of logic and judgement capabilities of these candidates. With such speed, we hope to resolve the ever growing list of pending cases with the DoJ.”

Concluding the conference, Mr. Satya said that this plan of action has been put forward for approval with the Ministry of Law and Justice and will be put into action as soon as all the procedures are done.