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Department of musical sciences at IISc Bangalore launched by Honey Singh and Rakhi Sawant

07, Jun 2014 By ajeeb

Fed up with the culture of plagiarism followed by Indian musicians Sir. Honey Singh along with Item girl turned stunning politician Rakhi Sawant decided up to set up a new department ‘Musical Sciences’  at IISc.

rakhi sawant
Rakhi getting ready.

Music Messiah Sir Singh seemed pretty much excited and dedicated, with wet eyes he said, It sounds nearly impossible but I have stormed a cult revolution in India regarding music, I have redefined it and I am ready to give away my teachings and blessings to the youths, Yo Yo India, your icon is ready to resurrect all your demons”.

Sir Singh has already been approached by innumerable bioorganic chemists for collaborations regarding the effect of alkaloids and alcohol in music production.

Miss Sawant, dean of the department is already done making up  academic criterias, which soon will be published in the Indian yearbook. On being asked about the Department she said, “Our vision is to make our country proud and as an eminent politician I am ready to take the challenge.”

Anonymous sources have confirmed that in order to make a friendly environment around the department Miss sawant is planning to resume her show “Rakhi ka swayamvar” under some different name (because of copyright issues),  where students of the Department can contest.