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Deepika Padukone to appear in more item numbers to showcase her dancing skills

23, Sep 2014 By pulliraja

Stop staring at my breasts
Stop talking about my cleavage

Mumbai.Veteran actress Deepika Padukone who is known for her women empowerment tweets activities, has expressed her views on item numbers in  bollywood.  The actress who recently bashed a popular newspaper for uploading videos of her cleavage said that “item numbers gives us a chance to exhibit our dancing skills”.

She also added that in a duet, the heroine has to share to share the screen with the hero, whereas in an item number, the heroine is the protagonist. Item numbers enable women to take center stage and shadow the hero. You know,  I am very glad that Bollywood directors give so much importance to women empowerment by having atleast one item number per film. I wish to work with directors like S.J.Suryah and Mahesh Bhatt who try to improve the image of women in India unlike some pseudo newspapers who objectify women.

The actress who has appeared as an item girl in a few numbers herself (like Dum Maaro Dum) says the she will consider becoming a full fledged item girl like Malaika Arora Khan someday. ‘I’ll be glad to showcase my highly tuned dance moves to audiences in my item songs. You know, item songs are all about an empowered woman dancing and expressing herself. It is only coincidental that we have to wear minimal clothing to aid in our free and unobstructed movement while dancing.” She finished the interview by asking all Indian men to watch her latest movie in which she has done an item number.

Indian men’s Association has started respecting Deepika Padukone as a women and has vowed to watch item numbers of all heroines who shall work to empower women by appearing in item numbers.