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David Guetta to Sizzle Kumbh Mela

16, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Allahabad : The world’s number one DJ David Guetta is in talks with the Saadhu community of India to rock the Kumbh Mela of 2013 . The biggest religious gathering of the world happens once in 12 years , the devotees don’t want to take any half measures .

Petticoat Baba spoke to Faking News , “This is our Sunburn , This is our New Year .. When every one is going western , Why can’t we ? Moreover , an Indian DJ won’t justify the auspiciousness of the moment .”

Earlier , Honey Singh was into consideration but following the controversies he has created the Saadhu committee played safe with David Guetta . “I will miss Dope Shope and Brown Rang but Bechaara Honey Singh phasa hua hai , Chalo suna hai ye Gutta bhi aacha baja leta hai

Sources have confirmed that Snoop Dogg is the surprise element , The singer kept his participation a secret as instructed by the Saadhus . The truth came out when the Agohri Babas were seen enjoying with him during the Shahi Snaan. He will be performing on the closing ceremony of the Kumbh Mela .

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