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Dare to think beyond heterosexuality

27, Sep 2012 By Asif

After decriminalization of gay In India, an Indian revolutionist, Indian youth icon, founder of IIPM, Mr. Auriandham Chaudhary welcomed this judgement with open hands. In his open support and promotion for gays he gave new slogan “Dare to think beyond heterosexuality”.

Defending his statement he said “heterosexuality is an old concept now and with new age and modernization we should also move forward and accept homosexuality as a way of life”. He said “the main problem of most of the people in our country is that they are ignorant and actually don’t able to realize that they are in reality gays in their lifetime”.

He urged Delhites to turn into gays for social cause so that Delhi could become safer place for women. He also promised international exposure and foreign degree of specialization in this area.”If we can get more pleasure and satisfaction through new means then why settle for less and outdated old techniques” said Mr. Chaudhary. He also announced to change name of his institute from IIPM to IIPG (Indian Institute for Planning for Gays).

This new turn of events and heart awakening appeal from Mr. Chaudhary started affecting masses mainly youth. An Alumni of IIPG (Old name IIPM) Mr. Dixcy (name changed) on condition of anonymity confessed IIPG was a place of experiments for him and he realized after getting enrolled that he is actually isn’t a hetro sexual.

Mr. Dixcy (name changed) said “I got my enlightment about my orientation from very speech of Mr. chaudhary on day one. As my role model and source of inspiration he induced me to experiment and which eventually turn out to be my actual orientation”. IIPG was heaven for gays, we had separate classes for generating awareness about our gay orientation with main emphasis on practical knowledge. On being questioned about his dressing sense, he confessed that he was encouraged to wear gayish clothes in his college and most of students along with him used to wear such dresses with openly accepting their homo sexuality long before this ruling pass.

“Long live Chaudhary, long live his orientation” said Mr. Dixcy. He also said that he always wanted to be like him since childhood because only a gay icon can get such fame and money by fooling masses. He also said IIPG is the safest place for girls as there were no interest of guys in gals, so no case of harassment. Several women organization actually supported these views and promised to campaign for this cause.

With this new wave making headlines and along with high rate of conversion of youths, all religious bodies, pro men groups, are in state of panic from the rise of new God. They condemned this rulings and Mr Chaudhary in harshest possible tone .In a statement issued, they actually cautioned parents not to let their children join IIPG and they predict end of human civilization on spread of this panademic. They also accused Mr. Chaudhary and his labs for spreading swine flu in this world.

Pope in his statement said “ Innovative experiments by Mr Chaudhary on swines leads to be the actual cause of the spread of this flu in humans”. He also saw smell of international conspiracy to kill all hetro sexuals through this bio-weapon . With generating controversy Mr. Chaudhary is started being called by name of Bhagwan Auridham Osho and his ashrams with name of IIPG creating a new revolution all over the world. Aurindhamania has become a Symbol of change and even more popular figure than Obama.