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Critic alleges Shahrukh Khan, gets less than the deal for Chennai Express

12, Aug 2013 By Amit Bhagat

In a dramatic way, celebration of SRK fans turned into clarification when a reputed Bollywood critic “Aalochna Prasad” alleged Shahrukh Khan for not paying as per deal for Chennai Express. Critic blamed that he gave review as per script, also he added an extra line that he’s watching it for second time. He further added “You can see I wrote 40 Crore business on day one”.

Unconfirmed sources confirmed that he’s the same critic who last time gave five stars to “Ra. One” before one week of its releasing. “How can I add Nerolac Paint in my review “– Aalochna Prasad helplessly said.

“SRK always abides by his promise and he always pays according to deal” – Another critic.

Talking to Faking News Shahrukh’s online affairs manager said, “SRK is very honest when it comes to deal about his films. We had already issued a budget for twitter fans, so how is it possible to pay less to Mr. Aalochna Prasad who had even watched “Om Shanti Om before review it.”

SRK told our correspondent that Aalochna Prasad had to compare “Chennai Express” with “3 Idiots” in his review but he failed to do so. Aalochna Prasad replied that money is not everything and he has to show his face to God after death that’s why he couldn’t added that line.

“You know how difficult to review a movie without watching it” – says while wiping tears.

Controversy is not resolved yet and SRK fans finding the connection of Salman Khan with this matter.