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Couples taking time off fighting to share how much they love each other in Facebook

08, Jun 2015 By manithan

Our reporter will share with you a story of a young couple who take time off continuous fighting to share how much they love each other in Facebook.

Whenever our reporter logins into Facebook, he could not prevent spotting one of his friend there sharing romantic posts about his married life in his Timeline. Most of the posts by his Friend were poems praising his wife and comments section would be occupied by their relatives praising how lovely the couple is. His wife goes overboard sometimes and post their kissing pics and their honeymoon pics too.

After 3 months of seeing their love online, our reporter decided to have an interview of the couple. The prime reason being, with the divorce rates going up in India, it is rarest of rare to spot such a lovely romantic young couple amidst us. It was Sunday noon when our reporter landed up in his Friend’s place as a surprise visit. Before, he could press the calling bell, he could hear loud voices coming from inside the home.

Our reporter thought that the couple is enjoying some movie, cuddled up together in a couch. Upon repetitive pressing of calling bell, Friend’s wife showed up, looking like a women soldier from combat zone, at the door.

“Who are you?” her voice was shrill. When we replied, she shouted inside, “Arey madar***d, koi kuththe aapka dost bolke aaya“. We were shocked. Our reporter had never ever dreamt of such words emanating from his Friend’s wife, who was the personification of the ‘best wife in Facebook’.

The door opened with a bang and he entered to see the entire hall in mess. Even then, our reporter thought it was just romantic fight. But, as time went by, our reporter got the gravity of situation.

His Friend appeared from kitchen with disarrayed hair and torn shirt. When his wife crossed him, she kicked his hip violently and he let out a groan, “Get lost Biradar***d“. Few second later, a frying pan flew from inside the kitchen and it landed between our reporter and his Friend. “Haan! Abuse women because this is India. Damn Patriarchial society. Sanskriti. Abusing me for past 3 months 24/7, but cannot stand to receive abuses from a woman.” came high pitched words from inside.

Friend shouted back, “Shut up b*tch! You had been abusing me and hurting me physically ever since we got engaged. Did I ever say it to your parents? But you cried like a b*tch before them and made me look like a f**king dog.”

He threw back the frying pan inside to where it came from.

“Why did you come to my home? You could have chatted in online itself right?” growled the Friend to our reporter. “Sorry!” said our reporter and started to leave. As he started towards the door, Friend’s wife came out with proper makeup and commanded her husband to get ready for a selfie with a kiss. Both of them took a selfie as our reporter closed the door behind.

Few seconds later, his Facebook news feed refreshed showing his Friend and his wife posting a kissing selfie in their timelines. Within minutes, likes reached hundred and their friends (especially girls) were going ‘Awww.. so cute couples’ in comments. And the fight inside Friend’s home started again, this time, with each other abusing their respective in-laws in high pitched voices.

After walking out of Friend's home, our reporter created this Meme.
After seeing what happened in his Friend’s home, our reporter created this Meme.