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Couple names kid 'Vivek', banished from housing society

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Chandigarh. Recently India suffered two massive blows to its head-One was retirement of Sachin from India’s communal secular sport Cricket and the second being Krrish 3. Krrish 3 left many  in mixed emotions-suicidal, murderous and arson. The reason for outrage and Digvijayesuqe nonsense comments was because of the fact that Vivek Oberoi declared that some people compared his performance of ‘Kaal’ to the iconic villain ‘Joker’ from The Dark Knight. A recent incident shook the nation- A couple named their kid ‘Vivek’ and they were ostracized from their society.

In other Vivek Oberoi ostracized from his own house after they saw Krrish 3.
In other Vivek Oberoi ostracized from his own house after they saw Krrish 3.

Our reporter got in contact with the distraughted couple. The couple Reema and Sanket wanted to name their kid Rahul initially. They said they received threats from the BJP, RSS, Rahul Roy and the the ‘Modi Modi’ cheerleaders at Wankhede. With a heavy heart, they shifted their focus to Tushar, Reema claimed. Sanket said, “We remember Tushar Kapoor and his movies like Gayab, C Kkompany and Love kalaakar and dropped the idea”. He further added they would have to have another kid and name her Ekta to maintain the balance.

They had finally settled with Vivek. Reema claims they had no idea about the whole Kaal-Heath Ledger comparison. She said that the sosciety showed no mercy and forced them to vacate their house. Its ‘Honour Leaving’ they said. They were not even given a 24 hour notice she said with detest. Sanket said some kids messed up their door by writing Pyare Mohan, Fool N Final and Prince by graffiti.

A society member claimed that it was blasphemous and communal of the couple to name their kid who has insulted the Joker. We spotted a tattoo saying RSS <3 on his hand and we moved on to the next neighbour without further delay. He claimed it was insulting to the society. He said,"Imagine after Vivek's HSC result, marriage, graduation we will congratulate him. Vivek and Congratulate in one sentence just is inhuman. We had to take such a drastic step and throw away the holy couple". A young ravishingly beautiful girl called Aishwarya was very relieved that the couple was kicked out. She firstly told our reporter that her eyes were up and continued saying, “Imagine if this kid asked me out when he was a teenager. Sheeeeeeee so disgusting OhMayyyyGwaad so totally uncool”.  Hum society ke liye kuch bhi karenge. Society ki hifaajat karna aur use shuddh rakhna mera kaam. Mein yahan ke Jaykant Shikre!!!  an elderly gentleman was heard screeching. The couple is promised financial aid, schooling upto 10th standard for the kid, monthly pension smuggled from ‘Bharat Nirmaan’ and a house under ‘Rahul Gandhi Gaand Lag Gayee Yojana’. We spotted Ram Gopal Verma who was apparently interested to make a movie based on the issue. Seema and Rahul were last seen scanning a book searching apt names. “To avoid any more controversy, we have eliminated Digvijay, Narendra, Salman, Laloo and Robert”.