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Comic Con to introduce Savita Bhabhi to increase publicity

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

After the Hyderabad season of Comic Con did not attract as many people as contemplated, Comic Con India Organizing Head Mr. Simon Srivastav made a daring revelation saying, “The next year, we are thinking of introducing Savita Bhabhi into Comic Con to increase awareness among people about Comic Con.”

Even hope ‘lies on me’

Faking News reporter Abhishek Singh got a lucky and exclusive interview with Mr. Ravi. When asked about his bold step of including Savita Bhabhi, Mr. Ravi said, “Why not? When prominent Indian libertarian bloggers and journalists have criticized its ban and supported it, we see it as an opportunity in disguise.”

A tongue-in-cheek moment arrived when he ended the statement in a rather embarrassing and cheap joke saying, “What is ironical is Savita Bhabhi will not be in any disguise!” and winked chuckling ,”haaa, haaaa!”.

More purposeful dirty satires were a part of his speech. He also claimed,with a naughty smile, “This will surely help in increased ‘penetration’ of Comic Con awareness among youth.” At this point of time, it was tough to ignore his purposeful use of double meaning phrases.

Faking News also had the opportunity of talking to the youth in Hyderabad regarding the Comic Con. When a guy named Srinivas Ramakrishna was asked about it, he had to say, “What Comic Con yaaro, my passport is struck in the Regional Passport Office from 3 months! How can I go to Amreeca to see Comics con!”

When our reporter revealed the fact that Comic Con had taken place in Hyderabad a month ago, he was dumbstruck and said, “WHAT THE FROCK DEWD! Why did not one tell me about it?”