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Comedy King Kapil Sharma concerned over competition in stand-up comedy

09, Dec 2013 By shmisra

Mumbai. Kapil Sharma, the Comedy King in his latest interview on a leading TV Channel mentioned that he was concerned about the stiff competition in the humor industry seen from rivals.

Kapil was pointing to the pressure coming from Rahul Gandhi in stand-up comedy. He mentioned “My viewers on YouTube are drifting away to see Rahul’s speech videos hitting my revenue on YouTube.”

In an interview Kapil mentioned, “Rahul is extremely talented, and brings in game changing talents to the stand-up comedy industry along with subjects that I am worried are difficult to beat, he brings in a completely new paradigm, we have therefore put a member of our team – Digvijay Singh for mentor ship under Rahul so that we can bring in the new talents to our company. “

Rajeev, an ardent fan of Kapil Sharma’s prime-time show in an interview mentioned that “we prefer watching news when Rahul Baba is talking rather than Kapil’s show these days since that is more hilarious”. OTP, a leading media statistics indicating company indicated that the TRP for Kapil’s show was falling due to this competition.”

Professor D.Sharma, another viewer of the News Show mentioned that he liked Rahul’s comedy better because it had variety from science and philosophy. He liked the episode on physics about escape velocity and geography on Indian Rivers and energy the most.

Given the competition and high skills required in this industry, I am considering other career options said Kapil.