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Colors to replace 'Big Boss' with Parliament proceedings next season

17, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai: After running seven successful seasons of the show Big Boss and propelling several faltering actors and pornstars to stardom, Colors- the TV channel that ran the recently concluded Big Boss 7- has decided to debunk the hit TV show.

Instead the channel will buy the rights to air Lok Sabha proceedings and play them in the same prime time 9 PM slot.

Kind of Bigg Boss House

“We have junked the Big Boss format,” a senior executive for Colors said. “It is too expensive and you have to deal with all these no good stars who think they are the best thing that happened to mankind. Instead, politicians are free of cost and they provide guaranteed entertainment, everyday!”

“Instead we will now be playing proceedings from the Lok Sabha and other state assemblies instead,” the executive continued. “After all, Lok Sabha is far more entertaining what with the pepper spray incident, the Kejriwal quitting, etc. this is far more entertaining.”