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Christopher Lee standing outside the gates of Heaven saying people 'You shall not pass'

13, Jun 2015 By manithan

Noted actor Christopher Lee who should not be confused with Christopher Nolan, Bruce Nolan and Bruce Lee, died recently. But sources from Heaven reveal that he is standing there like Gandalf and saying to entrants that ‘You shall not pass’.

Our source from Heaven revealed, “Christopher Lee came to Heaven. Lord the God told him to come inside, but Lee instead chose to disobey him, thereby invoking blasphemy. It was a well known fact that he had acted as Gandalf in Lord of Rings series. But, it seems he has not come out of his actor mood. Lee is standing outside the gates of Heaven and is continuously warning souls that are trying to enter Heaven that ‘You shall not pass’. Souls are offended by this act of him and are lodging a protest against the soul of the dead star.”

Another source said, “One potter from England called Harry was approaching heaven and Lee sidelined him. Harry had thought that Lee as Gandalf is actually Dumbledore and had asked him whether he is really dead. For which, Lee had replied, ‘Of course, it is happening inside your head Harry, but why on heaven should that mean that it is not real?’. We have to warn Lee not to enter Heaven, because God is confused over whether to love Gays or smite them, and what if He confuses Gandalf to be Dumbledore and chooses to smite Lee.”

Christopher Lee as Gandalf shouting 'You Shall not pass' outside the gates of Heaven
Christopher Lee as Gandalf shouting ‘You Shall not pass’ outside the gates of Heaven

“But it is good thing that people coming to Heaven do not confuse Christopher Lee with Saruman of Lord of Rings. It was played by Saruman himself!”, claimed an angel, which also doubles as an Expert on Earthly Motion Pictures in Heaven for past five years.