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China to invade India during telecast of 'Comedy Nights With Kapil'

18, Sep 2013 By Jaswant Kaleke

Wikileaks has recently revealed that the move of withdrawing forces by China from Indian territory was just for the time being.

India's weakness?
India’s weakness?

They have reassessed their strategy and are now planning to carry out their operations at 10 pm during weekends when the whole nation is busy watching  Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma

Shocked by the sudden move from China, President Pranab Mukherjee went forth to seek the help of Kapil Sibbal who first proposed to ban Facebook to avoid the ‘Comment Battle’ between Indian-Chinese users but later dropped the idea as the very idea too, seemed Imported from China.

The team of Deepak Chaurasia with cameraman Praful Pandey from ‘Piyaaz Takk’ has been sent to China to look into the matter. Upon asked about Channel’s new name, Deepak said, The name of channel was changed to make it look more ‘commercial‘ “

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Kapil Sharma has been stated saying he had no idea of the evil intentions of neighbouring nation else he must have aired the show during winter when the presence of fog would have made it difficult to find India for Chinese soldiers with already closed eyes.

Besides him, sat Navjot Singh Sidhu who with no request whatsoever said this verse…

Meri beevi ne dekha to toot gya aaina…

Meri beevi ne dekha to toot gya aaina…

You can’t win India with those weapons

Because…  They are made in China

(Reliable sources says Sidhu was later seen filing a PIL against Domestic Violence in Punjab-Haryana Highcourt)

Well ! The First report sent by Deepak Chaurasia shows his interaction with a Chinese official who denies the claims of Wikileaks and suspects that WikiLeaks may very well be using Kapil’s popularity to gain spotlight again.

The good news is that the Indo-China situation seems under control now after Kapil promised to schedule a Live Tour of China next year.

–  Jaswant Kaleke