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Chetan Bhagat to play the role of Rahul Gandhi in Prakash Jha’s next political thriller

26, Mar 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In a major announcement yesterday, veteran movie director Prakash Jha held a press conference and announced his upcoming political thriller Rahul Begins. This movie is the first part of the trilogy which Jha is planning with Lost Knight and Rahul Rises being two sequels to Rahul Begins. Jha also elaborated upon actors who will be playing the lead roles. While well known writer and twitter celebrity Chetan Bhagat will be playing the role of Rahul baba, Bollywood starlet Anushka Sharma will be playing the role of his Indian American girlfriend.

Jha provided more details to reporters on the thought process behind casting – “Rahul Begins is a movie which explores the gray shades that each budding politician carries within himself. The storyline involves a lot of politics, drama, blood and betrayal. And as usual, I will be including atleast 23 scenes with sudden loud background music and an extremely huge crowd, cheering for their leader on the stage. Hence I needed a serious face with that look and feel to carry these crowd scenes well.”

“Earlier we were in talks with Varun Dhawan for the role of Rahul baba owing to his recent Bollywood success but I was constantly looking for a fresh face. Then someone told me about Chetan Bhagat and I got a chance to go through some of his tweets & pictures and through some videos where he is addressing an audience. I was quite shocked at the similarity of appearance, behavior and thoughts between Chetan and Rahul Baba. I just decided there and then, that Chetan is my Rahul.” – Jha said with a satisfactory smile.

Chetan Bhagat giving Rahul Gandhi look!
Chetan Bhagat giving Rahul Gandhi look!

While Anushka could not be reached for comments owing to her ongoing involvement in World Cup 2015, Chetan Bhagat expressed excitement at being offered the role of Rahul Gandhi. Talking to media he said,“earlier when a Bollywood agent approached me for this film, I was like “Prakash Jha” who? And that is because I have always been watching Spanish classics and a few cult movies from the Eastern Cinema. I am not a huge fan of Bollywood. The only Bollywood movies I have watched are the ones made on my books and even with them I mostly lose interest after the opening credits”.

On being asked about how he would feel, working with such an iconic director, Bhagat spoke further,“On basis of what I read about Mr. Jha on Wikipedia and IMDB I must say I am honored to work with a cinematic professional of his caliber. He is truly a world-class director which the whole South-east Asian sub-continent has ever seen in the past few years. He is originally from Bihar hence he is a focused individual, he has not experienced major distractions in life, like people from other regions in India experience.” “For example he is not like Punjabis who are always distracted butter chicken and other dairy products or like Madrasis who always keep on reveling that their houses are so simplistic looking like post robbery crime scenes. But as per my understanding since he is from Bihar he may have a problem with spoken English, but I think I can manage that”, Bhagat concluded.

While the production company Blue Mug Entertainment which is producing Rahul Begins has not yet kick-started its advertising campaigns, Chetan Bhagat has already started planning a series of motivational speeches and book reading events for his fans, to promote the film. He summarized his feelings with the below tweet to his followers yesterday:

“Once in your lifetime you get a chance to drop everything you are doing and take the road less traveled. For me its time to do the same.”