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Chetan Bhagat to launch his new book – 101 Fans

19, Mar 2014 By iyerman

As the movie 2-States is all set for the release, Chetan Bhagat, the veteran writer has decided to launch his new book/movie titled, 101 Fans, on Aug 1st.

Chetan Bhagat
“Brace yourself, my book is coming”

The book will be released in the form of a movie script, while Yash Raj has bagged the rights for making it into a movie! This is the first time in the history of Holly/Bolly/Tolly/Molly wood, that a book and the movie will be released on the same day. Speaking to our fakes-person, Chetan said, “Anyways my books are like movie scripts. So I thought, why not create history by launching a movie and the book on the same day”.

The marketing team is already hard at work, campaigning across high schools in the country to promote the book. The book is set to be sold at a never before price of Rs.50! Chetan Bhagat justified the move saying, “Don’t you read my columns in the times? Indian youth needs progressive knowledge. And where would they get more progressive knowledge at such good price”.

He was quick to rubbish the claims of Shoba-De, the eminent feminist writer who said the content of the book will be cheaper than the price in itself. She said, “It will now create confusion amongst the bibliophiles who love to bash movies based on any book. Now how can someone ask the question ‘Is the book better or the movie?’”

The literary fraternity of India was up in arms against the idea of releasing the book and the movie on the same day. Vikram Seth called it a putrescent precedence, flouting the quintessential rules of literature.

Writer Arundhati Roy, termed the move as stupid. She remarked that Chetan Bhagat must only be called a script writer and not a writer anymore. Arundhati Roy showed disappointment in the fact that no one showed interest in making her only book, “The God of Small Things” into a movie.

Chetan Bhagat did however find support from other corners. All budding writers, mostly Tam-Brahms with a mile-long name, are vouching for Chetan, since this would mean that “Indian writers” could find more publishers. Sidin Vadukut defended his management Institute mate, saying that any IIM graduate has the birth right to become a banker, writer, twitterer and a youth icon, in that order.

Yash Raj films meanwhile is elated at the idea. They have already cast a couple of actors’ kins to act in the movie and have promised to make this low-budget movie a huge success.

Chetan Bhagat is said to have added a couple of item numbers in the book directly, in order to avoid mismatch between the book and the movie. The book is said to have 4 other love songs.

The story will revolve around topics like friendship, politics, cricket and movies. All his101 fans gathered in front of the Yash Raj studios to show their support, love and gratitude towards Chetan. He said, “Let’s celebrate this friendship day, with reading the book and watching the movie. But don’t do them together”.