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Chetan Bhagat announces new novel "One and Half Husband(s)", prebook on only

11, Aug 2014 By Virtually Real

Chetan Bhagat's announces his new novel
Chetan Bhagat’s announces his new novel “ONE and HALF Husband”, Prebook on CLICKFART.COM

Synopsis as it goes here…

Once upon a time, there was a Gujarati girl called, Rujuta. She fell in love with a smart and intelligent but poor UP boy Akash, They truly loved each other… They wanted to get married but Rujuta’s parents didn’t… They fought together against others but my “2 states” failed here

Later, Rujuta got married to a rich Gujarati tycoon’s son Vipul, Vipul has everything but not love and time. Akash has nothing but only love and time.

Life suggested her a compromise…

She agreed to have ONE and HALF HUSBAND.

Welcome to my new novel ONE and HALF HUSBAND, …a battle between what you like and what others want you to likea battle between what you have and what others want you to havea battle between what you are and what others want you to be….