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Charges filed against Pitbull

14, Oct 2014 By rajy1990

Charges have been filed against alleged rapper Pitbull, the gamut of charges that we could get our hands are are as follows:

1. Spoiling his music videos. 2. Spoiling the songs in his music videos. 3. Plummeting viewership of music channels. 4. Plummeting viewership of adult channels as they turn to music channels. (Disproportion means that music channels are losing more viewers) 5. Wrecking the FIFA world cup opening ceremony. 6. Wrecking Brazil’s campaign in the FIFA world cup. 7. Colluding with Justin Bieber to release an album titled, “Just, Bull $h!t”

CIA man on the case,agent Johnson, who carried out the arrest at a rave party, gave a statement to the media after going about his task, “He looked like a man resigned to his fate”. Brazilian police have welcomed the move and sought extradition of Pitbull, “We wanted on him on trail for the 7-1 debacle. We paid a price for the world cup, our consolation we will to see justice get delivered”. The rapper community has also welcomed the move with a view to bring back old school rap. In other news, Justin Bieber has been summoned for interrogation for his youtube views fraud, a case were Pitbull was also summoned earlier in the year.

* All characters appearing in this interview are fictitious, though any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, would be awesome!!! 🙂

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