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CB to work on his next book - "Two half girlfriends"

07, Oct 2014 By gossipkangaroo

Following the success of his newest novel 1/2 gf, CB has decided to write another book in the series. The book supposed to be named “Two half girlfriends“.

According to the sources, the book is going to be totally “different” than its predecessor. Although we already know that none of his books till now are actually different. But his fans, mainly teenagers, who have no experience of love or have “half” experience of love, have a hope that this time CB is cooking something different ( even though we know he isn’t!).

In an exclusive interview with his courier guy’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend, it was revealed to us that the celebrity author’s latest book is about how two half girlfriends will make a full girlfriend.

It is unclear till now, as to what are the two halves that the author is trying to add. But we seriously  hope that it’s more on a philosophical level or at the least on a humorous level because we are really ( and I mean F word) bored by the “different” novels by the author.