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Candy Crush addict found crushing real candies in office

21, Jul 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Gurgaon: In the first diagnosed case of “Candy Crush Mania”, a software engineer was found crushing real candies in office when his smartphone crashed.

The engineer – called Tadapit Kumar – had reportedly been playing the game for 36 hours straight and had to resort to real life candy crushing when his phone got infected by malware the game had downloaded onto it.

Addictive game.

Attempting to clear the air over Tadapit’s situation, his manager Chadha said, “No no no, there has been no pressure on him at work really. It is only this Facebook – Shacebook jee. Everybody is going mad these days.”

“I had been getting Candy Crush invites for a few years and had been ignoring them,” Tadapit said in an exclusive interview with this Faking News reporter, continuing to crush Pan Parag toffees between his fingers. “But yesterday I decided to accept an invite from a girl whose profile pic was really quite cute. I thought she would start noticing me in office if I accepted the invite. But what happened next was that I ended up getting really addicted to this candy-crushing business, with no time left for other things.”

“And worst thing was that even after my phone got infected with whatever virus that game has,” Tadapit said, “I still cannot stop crushing candies. In fact, I find crushing them terribly liberating. I don’t have a girlfriend, my career is going nowhere and my dad thinks I am a loser, but at least I am good at crushing candies!”