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Boy spending weekends in video stores searching for Krrish2 DVD

19, Dec 2013 By trolldevi

Mumbai. 12yr old Hriday who is a diehard fan of Hrithik spending all his weekends in video stores searching for the Krrish2 DVD.

Hriday was 5yr old when Krrish released and he became Hrithik aka Krrish’s super duper fan. He has been waiting for it’s sequel from that day and finally he found out that it’s Krrish3. He just couldn’t take it that he missed Krrish2.He searched for Krrish2 in internet for days and went to every theatre in town to check if they had Krrish2 reel.

He went to watch Krrish3 and came to the conclusion, he couldn’t understand Krrish3 because he didn’t watch Krrish2. Rightaway he went to the famous video store in city “DVD daam daam” and rummaged through the piles of DVDs

The shop owner told him that there isn’t any movie with that name,it’s Krrish3 after Krrish. But the boy kept arguing “How is it possible? There is Toy story2 before Toy story3. They didn’t make Dhoom3 after Dhoom. There’s Dhoom2,which starred Hrithik” he added. This argument convinced the shopkeeper, thus asking his team and search through the DVD cabinets and finally when they couldn’t find it, they filed a complaint of missing movie in local police station, which confused the police officer who set into action immediately.

When our reporter asked Hriday Why he’s wasting time for a movie that doesn’t even exist. He replied “I’m sure Krrish definitely did that movie. He probably hid that one to entire world because maybe he was afraid that Kaal may find out and enter into that movie too. I want to find no matter wh………………………………………..” We don’t have rest of the interview because our reporter already fainted by the time he reached this part of the interview!

But we came to know from our other sources that Hriday is still visiting all the Video stores in Mumbai during weekends while his parents were fighting through the weekend,  whether to watch Salman movie or Sharukh movie.