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Bone marrow transplant in Krrish 3 intrigue pharmaceuticals bone-marrow medicines to be launched

09, Jan 2014 By gareebadmi

Ahmedabad. Excited with the facts shown in the movie Krrish3, especially the remarkable Bone-marrow implantation to get rid of disability , the pharmaceuticals in India decided to finally leave their age old medicine production and start the business for a single-all-weather-all cure type of medicine. Highly placed sources have revealed that the medicine will be formed from the “Bone marrow” only.

Although the idea of the commercial bone marrow production did come to actor Vivek Oberoi earlier, as some of his close (read “only”) friends have said, as he had very few other career options left, the star had said that the Bone marrow transplant in the movie has given him the strength to stand up on his own feet in real life, instead of coming up with newer ideas.

Doctors worried by development.
Doctors worried by development.

The pharmaceutical companies are in a hurry for claiming the intellectual property rights as Vivek Oberoi has reportedly declined the offer. One of the companies’ Ad-marketing manager has already developed advertisement ideas with the substance like – ‘To Cure from just a scratch in the arm to Hemorrhages, cancers and even undiagnosed diseases, , only Bone marrow can serve the purpose’. There are also  ideas for cheezy taglines floating like “Alopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurved n all..Dont pay heed, a couple spoon-full of Bone-marrow is all you need”. Shahid kapoor has reportedly agreed to be featured in an advertisement dancing “Majja hi majja”.

“How the Bone marrow, that too in a so large quantity will be extracted, poses a challenge for the entire scientist community” tweeted Ghulam Nabi Azad, Union Health Minister. There are certain apprehensions among the poor that a certain section of them will be targeted by the corrupt politicians for extraction of human bone marrow. “Pehle bhi Khun chuste the, ab bone marrow hi bacha hua hai”.

Whether it is feasible to extract bone-marrow in such a way is debated and citing such reasons, Aam Aadmi Party leader Prashant Bhushan has proposed to carry out a referendum on this issue, although party chairman and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal distanced himself and the party from such a remark.

Although the development of the medicines, bone-marrow extractions procedure is not clear, e-commerce sites announced offers on such medicines already. Flipkart has provided 10% cash back on HDFC credit cards on these products with in-a-day facility too.

The BJP has observed silence over the issue, and cited that they are studying the whole proposal and will come out with an official statement later today. When asked about these developments, congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said “The whole idea is total rubbish and needs to be thrown away” and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after a moment of silence said “Theek Hai”, though it  was not clear whether he was referring to the idea of Bone-marrow based medicines, or Mr. Gandhi’s remarks.