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Bombs found in disabled condition in 5 theaters showing Fury in Pakistan

10, Nov 2014 By manithan

Islamabad: Five theaters which were surprisingly the only theaters screening the movie Fury, was nearly targeted by bombers, across the city.

The news came to light, when five abandoned bombs, which would have claimed hundreds of lives, being left in disabled mode in five different theaters across the city. Initial investigation pointed to some conspiracy to disrupt the festival holidays. Though the social media was abuzz with RAW hand in the blast attempt, news from the sources inside investigation agencies revealed a pattern in the bombing attempt.

An investigator, on condition of anonymity, told us via phone, “The bombs were left in disabled mode and they were all found under seats in five different theaters. All of the theaters were showing the movie Fury. When we contacted theater owners, they affirmed that only those five theaters were screening Fury in the whole Islamabad. We are baffled over why would terrorists target Fury movie. It had no blasphemy in it. It was about Germany and America. It was about World War 2 and has nothing to do with Pakistan.”

After much deliberation, he continued, “Similar attempts were made during Transformer movie, six bombs blew, each for Transformer 1, 2 and 3 in two different theaters, in Lahore and Rawalpindi few years back. Around 50 people were killed in those blasts. And they stopped screening those movies. The funny thing is that, before blowing those movie theaters, those terrorists attacked around 15 transformers in Karachi, bringing power to a halt for 2 days in that city. They might have considered the power transformer instead of movie back then. However, we are speculating some connection between these blasts, as both involved targeting particular movie. Also, unlike previous bomb blasts, the bombers at Fury seems to have had some change of mind. Maybe, the intention for bombing would have disappeared somehow. We suspect death of one particular character in the Fury to be reason for their change of mind. We are carrying our investigation forward in that direction.”

Two of the three men are conspired to be target for the blasphemy cum bomb attacks on theaters in Pakistan. All the theaters bombed were running the films which had those two in the cast.
Two of the three men (shown in image) are conspired to be target for the blasphemy cum bomb attacks on theaters in Pakistan. All the theaters bombed were running the films which had those two in the cast.

We connected to a theater owner, whose theater was bombed in 2006 and 2008 which forced him to change back to Lollywood movies, instead of Hollywood ones. He said, “We were more happy screening Hollywood movies. But trouble started when I started showing Batman Begins. There were threats but we didn’t give too much attention to those. But, they bombed and killed 77 people in two separate bomb blasts during screening of Prestige movie and of Dark Knight movie. They told us later that they punished us for spreading blasphemy.  Afterwords, I stopped showing any English movies, bhai!”

When news about the direction of investigation came out, those policemen are said to have received bomb threats from terrorist groups. One of them had even threatened them to sue for blasphemy.

“These threats started cropping up, only when we started to work on common grounds between Transformer series and Fury. And also on the common link between Batman series, Prestige and Machinist. Maybe, we are going in right direction!” said one policeman.