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Bollywood sues YRF for making movie without Sonakshi

17, Dec 2013 By chaturchaalaak

Mumbai. Dhoom 3, the much anticipated movie of 2013 has run into another controversy. Yesterday things got out of hand outside YRF studios when all major casting directors sat on an indefinite punjabi-food strike.

Sonakshi Sinha fake
Fans want to see her.

When Faking News got in touch with one of the silent protesters, while munching on an idli he said ” We are deeply hurt by YRF, they have gone against the un-said mandate of casting Sonakshi Sinha in every Bollywood movie, whether it has a big star or not”. He added ” As per the common maximum program, she has to be in every Hindi movie, now we have sued YRF”.

To make things worse, when the news reached Bollywood junior-cum-senior artists’ association, its members erupted with anger when they realized that there isn’t even a cameo of the bulky actress.

Even film distributors are hurt pan-India, one of the distributor, speaking on the condition of anonymity said ” Earlier we were able to cover the badly painted and plastered walls of theaters by putting up movie posters with Sonakshi Sinha on them. But now, we have to invest money in painting those movie halls”.

To add more ghee  to this fire, all the Bollywood celebs have threatened to boycott the premiere show of this movie. This pack is lead by KRK who has termed this movie as the real ‘Deshdrohi’.

When Aditya Chopra got to know about these regressive developments, he quickly swung into action and finally added a scene where Ms. Sinha saves Aamir Khan from a Godzilla and beats the latter black and blue by just dancing next to him. After throwing the Godzilla back in Versova creek she says ” Godzilla se darr nahi lagta saheb, Uday Chopra ki acting se lagta hai“.

As per our sources inside the YRF camp, they are planning to promote the film by making Jai & Ali ( name of characters from the movie) chase Aamir on their super-bikes over the vast expanse of Sonakshi’s forehead.

This development has come as a welcome relief to average Hindi movie lovers who were wondering if Dhoom 3 is a Hindi movie or not, as there was no Sonakshi in the posters or promos.

At the time of printing, textile traders have also come out in support of Bollywood and have welcomed this move by YRF.