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Bollywood in shock on Sunny Leone's denial to do item songs

08, May 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

Mumbai. Sunny Leone is in pure shock after getting to know about Salman Khan’s conviction in the 2002 hit and run case. She has just released a statement on her official website that she won’t be doing any item songs until the Indian government decides something else for Sallu Bhai.

Our reporter Mr. Deol tried talking to her on phone.

In the conversation she said that she has an immense respect for the humanitarian because he openly confessed about him being a virgin in the  world best chat show Koffee with Karan. Upon asked why she grinned she revealed, “Obviously because I am also a virgin!” Our reporter Mr. Deol was speechless after listening to this.  She further added that it was so tough to find a place in Bollywood and it was from Salman’s show Bigg Boss season 5 she came into the Indian limelight. She candidly spoke about how Sallu used to take care of her while she was in the house. He used to meet her in the smoking room and they both enjoyed joint weed. This was followed by an Oops! “What did I just say?”, she baffled. She requested Mr. Deol our reporter to delete this line from the phone recording but Mr. Deol was obsessed with the wave of citizen journalism and did not feel to omit it from anywhere.

On adding to the shocking statement about not doing any item songs in future, she said that she has cancelled all her current item song shoots. On asking how she is going to earn now, she responded very sweetly in her indo-Canadian Hindi accent, “Paisey ka kummi nahi haay.Mere dad Punjab se they, aur India mein Punjabiyon ka toh aapko pata hi haay. Bahot paisey hote haay unke phaas”.

Mr. Deol smiled and felt proud on being a Punjabi as well. He wanted to tell her the same but restrained fearing that she might misunderstood him.

Celebrities are in full support of Sunny Leone and Salman Khan. The famous or infamous yesteryear singer Abhijeet tweeted very harshly and called all the poor people sleeping on roads Kutta. This has enraged all the species of dogs around the world, but the most affected are the ones from Mumbai who were all set to see the dance of Basanti who has finally agreed to dance in front of them after ages.

The Kuttas or let’s call them dogs to be a little polite had to immediately come for an urgent meeting at Kalamandir, Mumbai.

Winding up the interview, Mr. Deol asked one last question to the sensational Sunny Leone about her films.The question was if she feels affected when her films bomb on the box office. She answered it very smartly, “Who the fuck gives a damn about hit or flop? I am here to earn. As far as I am getting money to shred away my cloths I am happy doing it”.