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Bollywood appeals to IPL fans to support team with bright jersey

18, Apr 2014 By snamboy

More than two dozen well known film and music personalities as well as some noted human rights activists and journalists have appealed to IPL fans to cheer for a team with a brighter jersey.

Mahesh Bhatt
“Support that team”

Here’s full text of their open letter:

Dear Fellow Indians,

The best thing about our country is its colourful diversity. The fabric of our society is based on our pluralism and variety of shades that find their expression through various streams of intellectual and artistic thought. And this has been possible only because India has prided itself in its display of loud colours and by rejecting dark colours.

Today the very sense of India is vulnerable. The need of the hour is to protect bright colours. Undoubtedly, match-fixing and the game are important, but we have to vigilantly work out ways of holding the governing bodies accountable to that. However one thing is clear. Dark jerseys are not negotiable. Not now, not ever.

As Indian citizens who love our motherland, we appeal to you to support the team with the brightest jersey, which represents your city/state or the one closest to you.

Jai Hind!

Yours, (A long list of names of people who won’t be watching the IPL anyway as we have to attend award functions happening abroad and dance in riot-struck states)