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Bollywood and World Cup

09, Jun 2014 By khakshar

As is evident from the ownership of IPL, Kabbadi and Wrestling arenas that Bollywood is deep into sports. Time to time it has shown during international  cricket matches and formula one racing.

Of course the love of the game has been further enhanced by a starlet who vows to strip for every other team winning a tournament or even a match.  The shredding up of clothes by the lady in question has become as complementary to a cricket match as a famous commentator hyping praises on the winning team like”Guru, Sher ka Bachcha kabhi ghas nahi khata, Himmat rahe to parajay pass nahi aata”.

Advertisement regards  famous actor playing football with mask of star players  is on air on TV now a days. Insiders say that it is a ploy to  re promote the film on unmaking of a South Asian club for EPL (English  Premier League) . The film had earlier performed on the Box-office as the Indian FootBall team performs.

The faking News sent this Citizen Journalist to cover how BollyWood plan to watch the matches of “Copa Do Mundo FIFA 2014”. Talking to the starlet mentioned above,  it was clear that her vows of shedding her clothes if India did not win the Cup was eminent. The handsome looking now serious actor mentioned earlier was at the beach playing some other kind of ball. Talking to a famous Producer, it became known that the famous Beaches of “Rio” was the real love of many Bollywood stars .

The world-famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema were the real destination of many of stars. He was also furious on the Costume Designers and Dance Directors of Bollywood for asking producers tickets for the World Cup. He said that on name of costume and dance these want to have a ball in Brazil . They will as usual come up and incorporate nothing in films in Dance and Dress.