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Blue eyed woman files a case of defamation against Yo Yo Honey Singh

21, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi: Popular singer, rapper and songwriter Honey Singh, popularly known as ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ has become controversies’ favorite pal.  It was yesterday when Neelima Sharma, a 21-year old engineering student with blue eyes decided to sue Honey Singh when she found herself in serious trouble after the release of his new song ‘Blue Eyes’. “Since last week, my life has turned into hell” a worried and aghast Neelima told Faking News. “It all started on Saturday when I was eating golgappas on a roadside stand and a boy popped out of somewhere and held me hand..” She added.

Honey Singh trying to woo a blue eyed girl eating kulfi on the road - A still from the music video of 'Blue Eyes'
Honey Singh trying to woo a blue eyed girl eating kulfi on the road – A still from the music video of ‘Blue Eyes’

“It was so disgusting and humiliating. I mean, how can you stop a girl from eating a golgappa? I thought it was just one of those regular proposals I face almost daily, but No..!!! It wasn’t.. More surprisingly, he started muttering nonsense words, still holding my hand, and then I sort of understood the situation.

This guy had watched the music video, and was freaking trying what he learnt on a blue eyed girl. I thought it was just one experience but I was so damn wrong!! They have made it impossible for me to eat in public..” She continued, trying to control her rage. Neelima further told us that she was also being offered lifts in plush luxurious cars every now and then on the roads, which she was not cool with anymore.

“I was used to this fame and popularity in my college, but all these recent comings and goings are so over the top, and then I decided to file a case of defamation against him”.

Similar incidents were reported in various parts of the country about blue eyed girls being bombarded with ‘unnatural’ kind of proposals. Our reporter discussed this issue with famous psychologist Mansik Raazkhole. “This is basically a chemical locha in a man’s brain. Songs and melodies have a deep impact on human mind. In this case, the video of the song has made a serious effect on the semi-conscious brain, which has quarter-consciously made the conclusion and conveyed it to the fully-conscious brain that wooing a blue-eyed girl is as easy as falling off a log” said a seemingly unconscious Mansik.

“They are presenting a new bakwaas, ahaaaan!!!” was Honey Singh’s first reaction to the news. “This is all nonsense. I was also trolled for ‘Bebo diya gallan’ and ‘High heels’ but this is too much. I am not responsible for any ‘ill-effects’ of the song. And why doesn’t she sue her parents. It was their genes who gave her those blue eyes”.

Honey Singh denies more exchange on this issue, but our sources have reported that he has already hired Ram Jethmalani to blame everything on the girl’s parents. They further revealed that he is writing an autobiography in order to shed light on all the false accusations and rumors against him, initially titled ‘Jhooth – Vol .1’. To everyone’s surprise, Shivsena’s leaders, the first to act in response over such issues have maintained a mysterious silence.

Our reporter tried to contact a Shivsena representative over the phone, and the mystery was solved when we came to hear “Glossy Lips, uff yeah tricks, Baby lagdi e killer” as the caller tune. Meanwhile, our sources have also informed that Indian Mujahideen is also planning to take Honey Singh to court for overusing the word ‘Bomb’ in his song.