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Bigg Boss 7 to be cancelled due to too many prospective inmates

07, Jan 2013 By snamboy

MumbaiColors TV channel on Monday announced the cancellation of the next season of their blockbuster reality show, Bigg Boss. The channel had to take the decision in the wake of too many prospective entries coming in.

Following the infamous Delhi gang rape that happened on Dec 16, 2012, many influential personalities are reported to have been making controversial statements so as to be a part of the show. They also have allegedly been pressurising the channel. Meanwhile the channel is investigating how the internal code of selection got leaked.

“Every day, we were getting at least 3 new entries and we could not afford to be partial to any person as they represent certain communities, ideologies and beliefs. We do not want to indulge in any sort of partiality that could land us in trouble,” said the channel’s creative director. He further mentioned that the show was intended to showcase dented and painted celebrities, but turned political with a high influx of entries from political and spiritual leaders.

The channel is said to have received a suggestion by RSS to have a separate “Bharat edition” for Bigg Boss while Jamaat-e-Islami suggested separate houses for men and women. The creative director further added, “We received a one-line mail today stating – please include Asaram Bapu, bhaiyya.”