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Bigg Boss – 7

01, Aug 2013 By rofl gujju

The new series of big boss will be base on the theme of jail , it’s a “populist” measure taken by producer with keeping the emotion of participant in mind.

Generally after exist , nearly all (except KRK) blame Big boss house as prison so, organizers set a theme base on the reviews .

Theme song of next season will be :- कौन किसी को बांध सका , सहियद तो एक दीवाना है तोड़ के पिजरा एक न एक दिन पंची तो उड़ जाना है !

With increasing popularity and success ratio , number of unemployed celebrity applied for it ( as equally tough competition like as IIMs ) so, Show decide a basic qualification for participate and it’s : At least 1 FIR (cut off ) and experience of jail is more preferable. ( high percentile )

Next step of selection process will be twitter , where organizers review the 1 month activity and quarreling power of applicant .

The process of nomination will be totally based on Facebook and Twitter .

As we all know big boss participant comes from various background like Politically acclaimed, LGBT , International star etc .

our sources found some name that are likely to be in next Big Boss according to respective categories :-

Big boss – Mrs. K.Bedi

Anchor – S.Ahuza

singer – Honey S.

Politicain – S.kalamadi

Cricker – Srisanth

TV soap – Raja chaudhry

Internationl – Mosri ( Egypt)

पंची पिजरा तोड़ के उड़ जा…

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