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Big B in dilemma after Abhishek dares him for Ice Bucket Challenge

26, Aug 2014 By saltywonton

With the increasing popularity of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in the west and rest of world, our Indian counter- part celebrities were not behind in expressing their awe and appreciation for western challenges (although they claim to be uniquely “hindustani”).

It started with likes of Ritesh Deshmukh who wanted to get out of embarrassment of working in projects like “Humshakals” and “Ek Villain” by drowning himself in a bucket of water as a cleansing ritual.   Sadly, the cleansing ritual may be far from working as Humshakals will be presented on television channels very shortly for viewers to again remember the trauma of the movie.  He called out on Abhishek Bachchan to take up the challenge further. Abhishek Bachchan, as displayed on the video he shared (obviously at home), took up the challenge in his bathroom.  He took a break from baby sitting Aradhya and with domestic help poured over a large bucket( “balti” won for performance in one of the Dhoom series- no “idea” which one) of ice cold water and challenged his dad and latest co-star SRK. This is where the problem began! Now Big B considering his son’s prospects has been working day and night to cover up for the rest of their lives even at this age.  Apparently this was too much to take for him!

As per reports he said “Arey Bhaiii ! Isliye ki tum ghar par baith ke bachon ko lori suna sako main tumhare liye is umar mein picturon mein kaam bhi kara rahoon. Par tumto bhaii jab kandhey pey bithaya to kaan mein susu karne lage!… Abhi is umar mujhe jahan garam paani se badan sekna hain, tum chahte ho ki Thande paani se nahau- Sanjeev Kumar samjha hai kya?” “Tumhare liye kabbadi ka team banaya uska kya ho raha hai? Bahu rani sambhal rahi hai ka? Yeh Ritesh jaise doston ke chakar mein tum din ba din bigad te jaa rahe ho!! Nahana Dhona band karke jara kabbadi pey dhyaan dijiyega to achcha hoga! Aur “Idea” ka kya hua bhaiii? Budhaape mein aur kasht mat do!”

We are yet to hear publicly what will be the action Big B will be taking to live up to his challenge.

Meanwhile with other, “Celebrities”- KRK tried an Ice Cup challenge since he threw away his “balti” in one of the award functions and sadly landed up with the doctor  as he was diagnosed with pneumonia, after the bath. SRK was extremely overjoyed as his stammer returned back after the ice bucket and was found doing “kkkkk kakkka!” before a nature call and after a “balti” bath. Aamir Khan has gone to Himalayas in order to ensure the perfect cold ice temprature in his bucket. Akshay Kumar enthusiastically took up the challenge since (had to nothing to do with brains like in crossword/ sudoku challenges). Salman Khan already had his shirt removed for a bucket of ice water bath and he returned back to his “virginal” status after the bath.  Ranveer Singh immediately started dancing! This was a surprise, since he is always very “composed”. He could not take the chill  after drenching in Ice cold water bath.  He had already twice fallen ill in the past however Deepika found that  extremely hot,  cute ,pleasing and unique just like she did in case or Sid/RK/and others.  Arjun Kapoor, as usual, wanted to imitate Ranveer Singh but could not live up to the dance.  Ranbir Kapoor wanted to be low key after bathing in ice cold waters with Kat in Ibiza which was caught by papparazzi!

More stories are awaited from other celebrities like Rakhi the zwalamukhi and Leone the saloni!

Till then stay tuned.