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Bharat Nirman ad wins best comic film award at National Film Festival

16, Sep 2013 By Baawra Chhora

“Yes, yes we know Bharat Nirman ads are not direct entry to the awards but you see from Indian Idle to Grand Slap, there are Wild card entries everywhere. And based on public sentiment, we couldn’t help but give the ads their piece of luck to make it gloriously to the history books” said a member of award committee as he assured us that the ads will be further sent to Cannes festival. “We are planning to make more of such ads and put them as episodes on DD1 up against the popular comedy shows,” He added.

Bharat Nirman
The Ads that have caught imagination of moviegoers across the globe.

Meanwhile Mr Holisitic Tiwari was heard in Noida and surrounding places as he laughed at his residence in Lutyene’s Delhi watching Bharat Nirman at its portal launch. According to sources, Bharat Nirman for UPA is exactly what the doctor ordered. The doctors had asked MMS that if he ever wanted to speak (something other than theek hai) it was important that he had a good laugh. It was then that Bharat Nirman ads were conceived. Now that it has won award, Congress is planning to highlight the Bharat Nirman ad award as achievement in the third phase of ads. So effectively, there shall be a Bharat Nirman ad on Bharat Nirman ad. A website BN shall be launched in competition to FN.

As per TRP rating providers, the viewership of these ads is so high that people who left cinema-hall before intermission of Zanjeer are watching Ram Charan interview at home as it would feature a BN ad during break. Ram Gopal Varma is reported to be re-releasing AAG with all BN ads inserted randomly in the film. Meanwhile the Oscar committee is heard to be considering the ad makers for “most imaginary film” award for the coming Oscars. Inspired by the imagination of ad creators, some mathematicians at MIT are even contemplating replacement of conventional imaginary number i with bn (Bharat Nirman).

The BN ads are being enjoyed even abroad for their humorous content. “In last few days, rupee has gone up from 69 to 63, you know why! Because we have exported Bharat Nirman CDs, DVDs and BR discs to about 150 countries across the globe” said an elated Raghuram Rajan.