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Bhai was trying to catch Deerling Pokémon in a bullet as he forgot his Pokeball at home : Salman Fans

27, Jul 2016 By sameer mahawar

Bandra/ Jodhpur. Cheering the Rajasthan High Court verdict on Salman’s acquittal in infamous poaching case, his fans are leaving no stone unturned to justify the grounds for the same.

When they saw Bhai coming
When they saw Bhai coming

Claiming it to be a case of catching Pokémons in forests, Bhai fans have unanimously agreed on the statement that he was trying to a catch Pokémon named ‘Deerling’ to impress Sonali and Tabu.

“Bhai has always been fond of things which are not seen easily, be it a driverless car or Arbaz and Sohail’s hit movie. One day, he decided to do something else instead of removing his shirt to impress his female co-workers. He saw a rare deer-styled Pokémon and went after it in Jodhpur’s forest area. On realizing that he forgot his Pokeball at home and bullets being the only alternate available, he released them from his gun to capture the same” said a fan who sells who sells fake bracelets and Being Human t-shirts at Bandra Station.

“People are saying that bullets hit deers, but the fact is that deers were large enough to get captured in small sized bullets” explained the President of Sallu Bhai Bachelor Association of India.

Meanwhile, in an another statement, few fans are claiming that Bhai had the desire to play Need for Speed that night when the first driverless car seen on roads.