Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Beloved's sole erred as Baba's shoe

31, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: This Baba, that Baba and what Baba. They are much in news at present. Babas are more political than moral. Then what it is the very value of these luxurious kinds of Baba. When a young lover urged his beloved to make him available such a mark which could be kept everlastingly, the tender-hearted darling presented him the sole of her shoes. Contentedly securing this soulful piece, the lover got it encased into a silver casing.

Though the person who gave a beautiful look to the case was least aware of the actual provider, he put the encased piece into his shop’s mirror case for display for about a month. The lover actually did not mind leaving the valuable casing at the gift items shop.  One day he suddenly arrived at the shop situated in the city’s main market, he requested the shop owner to return that piece to him. The man at the shop did not object to it and brought the casing before him.

In the meantime, he did not stop thinking about a pertinent question disturbing his inquisitive minds for all those days. He showered his only imperative question which was thus: Kindly make me aware of the Baba whose legs adorned these shoes! The lover for a moment of time was stunned and could not regulate his mind to answer properly.  All the more he was to reply with a satisfactory answer. So he correctly told him that it was the sole of his beloved’s shoes.

Turning his nose up at the lover and pressing on his teeth inside the mouth he started rebuking the lover in a lighter way. For the past about one month the whole of my family was getting madder by kissing this sole only by construing it of some renowned Baba’s shoes.