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Beiber Fan Sits on Anshan following Security Concerns

13, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi : The anshan trend started by Anna Hazare is being followed by many, the latest addition to the list is a 19 Year old Justin Beiber fan.

Pinku, the DU student was upset about not seeing Justin Beiber live in action, he said “I think the infamous incidents of Delhi have reached to the foreign lands, Delhi is not safe for girls that is the message government is giving out and that is the only reason Beiber is not touring India”.

“He decided to take on the Delhi police by the anshan process when last year many prominent Pop artists visited India. David Guetta , Snoop Dog, Guns n Roses, Pitbull and many more, this added oil to fire and finally Pinku took a stand to witness his favorite star in flesh”, his close friend explained the frustration of Pinku.

The movement got celebrity association when Karan Johar and Bobby Darling came and interacted with Pinku on Jantar Mantar right beside the Arvind Kejriwal camp , now there are almost 200 guys gathered for the cause.

The “Beliebers” as they are terming themself were often heard singing the hit track “Baby” and “Boyfriend” , the movement also include many Selena Gomez fans who are expecting her to accompany Beiber to India.

The Delhi police commissioner assured, “Our security has improved a lot after the past few cases , Justin Beiber can feel safe here”.

The anshan however is still on as the protestors doesn’t believe him and were agitated because the Commissioner asked “Why are you so crazy about her ? Is she hot ?” after his address to the protestors.

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