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Beauty decides path of death

28, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Claiming that the Hindi films have a deep impact on the society, a film critic laid stress on making quality films. But commercial films attract the viewers immensely. It is a recurrent topic which requires a lengthy scholarly deliberation. What is being attempted here is something different from that weighty point.  The Hindi film “Dangal” imparts its viewers with a very diverse societal lesson. The positive point is that it exhorts people to get ready at five in the morning and the negative knowledge is that Bapu is always Hanikarak. This is certainly not contradicted by everyone so far. Even the actor Amir Khan’s wife has not disapproved it in a talk show.

However, there is needed to talk on other aspects too. Why should we not also assess other popular Bollywood flicks on the faultless set of scales? What young boys or frequent filmgoers learn from films like Gangster, Fanna and Murder if chosen from a lot of motion movies? The young lot aspires to go to the cinema halls for viewing the films just for their enjoyment. There cannot be any other reason. When a group of such youths were asked to comment on the above-mentioned films, they put their views in their own notable manners.

But one among them reacted in a very distinct impressive, imposing and inspiring style. His response was quite interesting and humorous. He was overheard saying that the film Fanna taught us to behave like Hollywood movie Titanic, the film Jannat stirs a feeling closure to cause murder while the third film Gangster frankly emphasised upon Awarapan.

Exactly the moral turns out apparently clear with this theory that one faces a terrible death if one goes after a beautiful girl madly. Therefore, those three films unerringly show the lover’s death would be horrific if the beloved is extremely beautiful. It can never be satisfying. So, it ably indicates no matter what type of the lover is. Everything fails before the beauty. It is the good looks which finally stimulates the admirer to undergo the severity of death badly.