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"Barfi" nominated at the Oscars for Best 'Adapted' Screenplay

24, Sep 2012 By injusthis

Making an earlier than usual announcement, the Academy for Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences officially nominated recent Bollywood movie Barfi under the “Best Adapted Screenplay” category for the Oscar Academy Award.

“Barfi” , a love story involving a deaf and mute guy played by Bollywood heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor and an autistic girl played by actress and now international pop-icon & former Miss World Priyanka Chopra, is currently running strong in theatres across the world.

With this unprecedented nomination, Barfi becomes the first Indian feature film to be nominated for the prestigious Oscars under the Adapted Screenplay category.

On being asked why this movie was nominated much before any other nomination was announced, an academy representative (under the condition of anonimity) said this – “After watching Barfi, the Academy Members were unanimously stunned to see so many scenes  ‘adapted‘ from various classic Hollywood and European movies. It is indeed a great effort to adapt so many examples of classic film making and package them into one movie. Hence, we felt.. why wait for the official announcements. Barfi definitely deserves a place in this category.”

On being asked whether Barfi will be nominated in the category for foreign films as well, the academy member said he had no idea that Barfi was the official entry for the Oscars from India.

However, back in India, Mahesh Bhatt seemed a little put off at this development. Speaking on the phone to this correspondent, he said, “It is disappointing to see Barfi hog the limelight this way when I have been making so many Bollywood movies adapted from movies abroad. The Indian film board must reply to why my films were never chosen as official entries to the Oscars.”

Ranbir Kapoor seemed elated to hear the news and remarked, “I am thrilled to hear this news. This is totally unexpected! I am now hoping to be invited to the Academy Award ceremony and hopefully, I’ll get to do a small dance number at the Kodak theatre in just a towel like the one I did for Saawariya.”

This correspondent could not contact Barfi director Anurag Basu or music director Pritam as they both suffered strokes after hearing this news and are currently recuperating at a private hospital in Mumbai.