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Bappi Lahiri out of depression as Gold price tumbles

28, Jul 2015 By yogesh911

Bhagalpur. Bappi Lahiri was seen going about the Mumbai Gold market as the commodity rate came crashing down this week. He is learnt to

Gold-Star Bappi Lahiri
Gold-Star Bappi Lahiri

be diving into severe depression since March, 2013 when gold prices peaked at 33K per 10 grams. In the same year he had sold off lot of his gold to meet daily expenses after Bollywood ignored him for a year and he broke his neck with heavy jewellery round his neck while performing in Darbhanga. During a show in June 2014 in Bhagalpur while performing someone from the crowd had pulled him down from the stage, the crowd feast on the jewellery and beat the hell out of Lahiri who has been hospitalized since then and is undergoing a treatment.

The situation elevated last week when Punjab Kesari reported that Bappi lahiri if sells off his gold he could bail Greece out of financial crisis. The Eurozone leaders in a meeting discussed the possibility of roping in Bappi lahiri for the bailout option. It is learnt that the singer was approached with numerous calls discussing the bailout option offering him Greece citizenship and work in Greek cinema. Lahiri is learnt to have denied them help as he wants to invest in some more gold for the upcoming festival season.