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Bangalore FM stations decide to stop playing music, only ads will be heard from now

21, Aug 2014 By gadhadhari

Bangalore. In a shocking revelation by the Bangalore Broadcasters Committee all the radio stations would stop broadcasting music to play only ads starting from September 2014. The chief spokespersons Vani Akaash and Bharati Vividh just revealed this in a press conference not aired on radio though.

Soon to be jobless?
Soon to be jobless?

They argued that out of the waking 15 hours of a Bangalorean office goer, music is only played for around 2 to 3 hours. The rest of the content is just advertisements. Their data proved that the same advertisements for apartments and shopping malls kept on playing from early in the morning till late in the evening. The Radio Jockey’s came on air only to announce an ad break. The meaningless contests needed money so some over excited fans get gifts.

“So why not do away with the noise and make sure the signal is strong?” argued Vani while slamming the table in front of her in an excited flourish.

“Yes, this is when we decided to remove everybody and include only ad’s, ” continued Vividh to complete the point

“We are also undergoing tremendous losses and are not able to make do with 3 hours of music everyday,” scowled Vani at Bechara Betappa a journalist present at the meet.

Meanwhile a Builders Association of Bangalore representative secretly told us that the race has begun for pushing more ads and they might employ the soon to be out of work RJ’s.