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Bang Bang in legal trouble, leading adult movie PH to be used

24, Sep 2014 By mbolly

Kolkata: Hrithik’s upcoming flick Bang Bang which is set to release on 2nd October has landed into a legal trouble prior to its release. Lawyer X.Swamy has filed a case in a domestic court against the film producers and director.

Kaif and Roshan generating oomph
Kaif and Roshan generating oomph

In the case against the film cast and crew, lawyer X.Swamy who filed the case has accused the producers and directors of promoting vulgarity and misguiding a particular section of film goers. “Nowadays movies have a lot of impact on youth of the nation, and this movie’s name is promoting vulgarity. Further to magnify the effects they have used the same word twice. How could they!” he said. “Further the movie releases on 2nd October, which is Gandhi Jayanti, and the use of such word is sheer obscene and raunchy!” Swamy added. These type of cases is on a rise after the twitter wave on Alok Nath, and it seems everyone is taking his sanskari jokes very seriously.

The court has listed the case for September 30, where both the sides of the case would be heard of, and if necessary the cast and the director of the flick would be summoned. “These type of obscene movie titles would result in social vulgarity,” Swamy added.

With further investigation in this matter, we came around some shocking discoveries which could have harsh effects on Bollywood. A leading foreign adult-movie production house is trying to set its foot in India, and is currently looking for some publicity, and according to reports, they would be using the titles like Bang Bang, Mainu Ek Ladki Chahiye, and poster of nude Amir Khan poster of PK to set get the limelight. Both Sidharth Anand, Bang Bang director and Hrithik Roshan remained unavailable to response on these accusations.